Protecting Trees From Pests & Disease

How to Protect Your Trees 

Being a tree owner, you are more than aware that healthy trees don’t happen over night which is certainly tree and is a long term investment but yields great results with pease of mind if you take good care regularly of them.

Tree require regular care and maintenance, the best time to get started in Spring but some maintenance needs to be done as well before the growing seasons starts such as pruning. 

Apart from pruning, most maintenance can be carried out once the weather improves and you want to be outside and enjoy the new spring summer season.   Initially it is best to check the trees for disease, pests and any noticeable changes.  Regular pruning annually when the tree is young will help to grow a stronger tree into maturity reducing the potential problems for poor growth and canopy.

How to keep ahead of disease and pests and protect your trees:

  1. Regular cleanup – When the new growing season is started, a good cleanup of old limbs, leaves, dead plants and grass maintenance is essential.  Remove any remains of the harsh winter and give your trees the best chance they can for the new growing season.   A good cleanup minimizes the protection of unwanted of pests and is motivation for you to start enjoying your garden and give it the maintenance it requires.
  2. Mulch and Water – Mulching always best to get rid of weeds, and is a common and low maintenance way of staying ahead of the weeds.  it also keeps the soil high in moisture and helps younger trees with growth.  Its important you keep around a three inch thickness of mulching around the base of the tree but not too high either.  Keep watering throughout the summer preferably in late evening.
  3. Prune – The idea time to prune is during late winter early spring just before the begging of the growth season giving the trees the maximum chance to recover. 
  4. Inspect -The right time to get a close look at your trees for any pest and signs of disease is before the leaves start appearing.  Consult your specialist if you are concerned.
  5. Learn about Understanding Disease and Pests – commonly known pest and diseases can be checked out online or with a good book, give you a good knowledge of what to look out for or when you come across something that may concern you.

For more ideas on how to protect your trees or if you have trees that need management, contact Treesurgical in Aurora IL for more information, alternatively, with regard to dealing with health and disease, contact your local arborist in Aurora to get advice before proceeding with any health issues or simply if you need a health assessment.  Give them a call.